I asked my best friends what they would do…

So four of my best friends were asked what they do to manage daily stress and/or anxiety and each one of them had different ideas, although did agree with one another. I thought this would be super helpful for readers as they’ll be able to relate with hopefully at least one of their solutions.

Take yourself to the toilets and take some deep breaths whilst counting down from 5, in and out. Maybe even with the eyes closed?

Make sure you take your lunch break; even if it’s only 5/10 minutes to walk in silence, in the fresh air. Maybe even ask a colleague to join you?

Have a team lunch (or with those you like…)

Create a stress jar; whenever something pisses you off, write it down, screw it up and chuck it in the jar. Then the negative thought/situation/experience is gone. At the end of the day, don’t look at them again, just throw them away.

Write down something positive or something you’re grateful for every day and pop it in a vase to pick out from when you’re not feeling yourself, or just to put a smile on your face.

Write up a to do list and number the top 5 priorities that need to be done first. Once they’re done, cross them off and start on the next top 5. Small, manageable chunks.

Wake up without pressing snooze and make a fresh smoothie to feel fresh and ready to go – starts the day off right. Feed those happy hormones!

Give yourself enough time in the mornings, don’t start the day off rushing because then the rest of the day will be affected and the stress will continue. We don’t want cortisol levels flying through the roof!

Use an actual alarm clock, not your phone. It’s so easier to turn the alarm off and scroll through Instagram and other social media immediately after waking up, and we all know that’s sometimes not good for self esteem… so, don’t ruin the morning with it.

Be open – talk about how you’re feeling with the people around you (even just one person if that’s all you’re comfortable with). When someone knows, they can help you to feel more comfortable, or make sure you get out for some fresh air.

Change of scenery? Can you maybe work in a different part of the office? Work from home? See if you can avoid making your mindset worse – for me it’s the commute sometimes, so working from home is a huge help.

Know that it is okay to not be okay. You can cry. You can be moody. You can be angry. You can be upset. You can be frustrated. You can be quiet. Everyone has emotions and you are well in your right to show them. Maybe at work, try and control the anger though…!!

Surround yourself with good people, even if you just have 10 minutes with them during the day, I’m sure you’ll have a smile on your face afterwards.

Go for a 10 minute jog whenever you can – exercise will release those endorphins and help you to clear your mind and feel happier.

Read a chapter of your book in complete silence.

Practice yoga – we all know that’s dreamy!

Have a cup of tea and sit in silence for 10 minutes, it’s 10 out of 1,440 so I am sure you can spare it!! Sitting in silence or meditating will help you clear your mind and find stillness.

Think about all of the privileges you have woken up to.

Last of all, whatever makes you happy – do that as much as you possibly can!

You got this!

Be happy, positive and bright. Love from, Amber x

Please share and provide me with your feedback in the comments below. It would be dreamy if we can keep building on this one.

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