Life isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, some may even consider it as being too hard. Following some of my own personal experiences, I have collated some tips for how to handle a few situations that can be more tough than others.

Sunday night anxiety…

It’s horrible and no one likes it, no matter their mental state. It’s that time where we put all of our focus into getting ready for work the next day – I mean, really? How much is there that we actually need to do?! Is that us ruining Sunday with Monday morning thoughts? YEP! For me, I begin to get clammy hands, a headache and very fidgety which is an immediate sign (one that only recently I’ve been able to cope with). Sometimes. A close friend of mine said to me that Sunday doesn’t seem as tough when you realise you’re robbing yourself of half your weekend with these worries, when Monday then turns out to be better than your Sunday!

For me, I try to have a bath with some candles and music but I know, just as much as the next person, it’s not as easy as it sounds when anxiety takes over. However, I would stick myself in my bathroom to start cleansing my face and getting rid of all the makeup and grime from the day. By the time I get to toning and my Nip & Fab; Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum, I am feeling more motivated to refresh, which sometimes even pushes me to run that bath! Even if it’s just cleansing in peace, it will start to make me feel more comfortable and prepared for bed.

Cleansing Routine
Cleansing Routine

Sleep, or the lack of…

Now, bedtime is another tough one for me, mainly on a Sunday night. I LOVE to sleep. I would nap at any given time of the day if I could. But Sunday? That’s the worst.

I could lie there absolutely knackered for hours and the next thing you know it’s 1am and you’re stressing out about the snoring from your partner, the sirens outside (London obvs) and the fact you only have 6 hours until you have to be up again – PANIC!

Don’t stress. I have some tips – Neom Organics; Perfect Night’s Sleep Pulse Point and the This Works; Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – life changing. I also play some of the Calm app bedtime stories – those voices at any time of the day will put you to sleep. Or, if you don’t fancy a story, the Sleep playlist on Spotify is also a good shout, but keep it quiet.

Secondly, put the phone away. I use the time restrictions functionality on mine so that the apps turn off at 10pm. This then gives me time to read and dose off – I strongly recommend using this feature!

Feeling present…

At times, my anxiety can be so bad that it leads into more of a depressive state. Now, I wouldn’t call myself depressed, but I think all of us can agree that we do experience the symptoms, whether they last a long time or only a few days, especially when anxiety is concerned.

I could be a different person entirely where I am not present whatsoever. Have you ever had it where you’re in a situation that should be uplifting but you literally cannot hear any of the conversation, don’t really realise what is going on and the time goes by so fast before you even recognise that blank face your projecting?

That is me all over. I have times where I cannot even get my words out to answer back and end up only saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There are two key things I can recommend for this:

  1. Talk to the people around you, they care about you and will want you in the room whether you’re talkative or not. They’ll be there for a hug and for your comfort as and when you need them. I find that actually just saying ‘I’m not having a good day today’ opens up a conversation whereby within 5 minutes, I am feeling miles better and can actually contribute to the day, even if it’s only at 50%.
  2. Try to do something to remain present in the situation. Hard, I know. Think of things that you can put in a list on your phone to refer back to. Now, that could be listening to some music briefly, taking some time out to get fresh air, listen to a section of a podcast that would normally increase motivation, or even having a little chat and cuddle with the bestie! These little things won’t take you a long time, but you can have them there in your back pocket to bring you back in the room and enable you to enjoy your day. If you’re with friends or family – they will not mind you doing this, because they care about you.

If there’s one thing you take from this post, please please please write that list of how to remain present in your world – everyones will be different. It will hopefully help you one day. Love from, Amber x

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