A day to celebrate us.

It’s International Women’s Day and what a time to be a woman! There is so much of a focus on powerful, ambitious, driven, amazing women currently, who are inspiring younger girls to be themselves, push for what they want and to achieve their best. They’re promoting greatness through individuality and teaching us to ignore the ‘perfect’ image on social media.

These fabulously inspiring women prove that it’s more than enough to be your best you.

Girl Power; Chanel Nights from Chelsea Prints

I am sure that I’m not the only woman who has been negatively impacted by social media posts; whether it’s the “this is what beauty looks like”, “this is what my boyfriend did for me for my birthday”, or “this is how you should look / dress”. It’s all highly exaggerated as that’s their best of the best. That can’t be forgotten either! Everyone posts their good times and us viewers look at them and compare them with our bad times, or even make circumstances worse in our heads just because theirs is so good!

You don’t have to suffer with anxiety, low self-esteem or depression to feel the impact of these. It’s unhealthy to compare with others and unfortunately, it’s just so easy to. However, the Kardashians and Jenners are in a different world entirely and as women, we need to stick together and be happy for them and their achievements but also to understand and support one another for ours.

Women who stick together are a very fucking powerful force and none to be reckoned with. We got this girls. We are the future. Let’s make it the best future for our children and help them to grow up knowing that they’re special, beautiful and most importantly, individual. That resilience will enable us to say no, to fight for our rights and to know that we are strong and beautiful.

Share the love with your fave women today and make them feel as powerful as you…

Love from, Amber x

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