Last weekend I went to the Live Well London event which was fantastic. It’s not something I would have previously gone to but since I have been looking more at myself and my own health and happiness, I went along and am very glad I did too!

I went with one of my best friends who is SO into nutrition and it’s benefits, which frankly is a bit over my head to be honest… but I did gain some new knowledge and met some fab people in the process.

Before we did anything, we did a class with the wonderful Hollie Grant to reset the mind and prepare us for the busy day ahead. Turned out to be a little tough on the non-existent abs but it was a bloody great start to the day.

I struggle with social anxiety the most nowadays which is horrible for me as I used to be such a social butterfly but I am tackling it. I was slightly anxious about the huge space Live Well were using, plus the fact there would be loads of people, but I actually did really well! There was so much to take my mind off my anxiety that I was comfortable before I had time to even think about it. To be fair, that was probably thanks to the guided meditation and anxiety talk at The Retreat with Niraj Shah and Natalie Morrison. I have never meditated properly before, or really known what to do, so that was dreamy. I think I may have dozed off a little. That means it worked right?

Calm, tranquil environment

I have even downloaded the Calm app since then and done some meditation of my own since!! So, big thanks to Niraj and Natalie for the intro there.

One of my favourite stress busters is Kobox, so I couldn’t have been happier that they were there to make me sweat and burn for days!!! Genuinely. I am still sore after that. Big tip: punching a bag full of water is liberating. Do it and picture those triggers on the bag! Trust me, it helps.

After all that sweat, we walked out to find the most beautiful stand which we were basically lead to by our noses and the mint leaf smell, and there they were – the gorgeous Ardere sisters! You know when people say you can feel better just from scents, they were right. I think I smelt all candles (click to get one for yourself!) at least twice and they reminded me of different things, just like their own stories on the side. I obviously had to go for the one with Amber in it, just cos, and it smells bloody amazing.

Beautiful candles from the lovely girls at Ardere – all 100% organic, natural wax.

I think I’ve lit it everyday since and it actually is starting to remind me of experiences in my childhood which is super cute.

Gorgeous scent throughout the apartment creating a dreamy, cosy atmosphere

By this point in the day, I was drained physically and mentally and I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of people which was worrying me. However, the dolls at Ardere were SO smiley and happy, they brought me back around and put a smile on my face.

That for me was the best part about the day; the like-minded individuals who kind of subconsciously can tell your thoughts and just send a smile your way.

So that’s the challenge for today’s post. Put a smile on someone’s face. You might be just what they needed… Love from, Amber x

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